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Featured Projects

Python Sorted Containers Module

Python Sorted Containers module is a sorted collections library, written in pure-Python, and fast as C-extensions.

Python Disk Cache Module

DiskCache is an Apache2 licensed disk and file backed cache library, written in pure-Python, and compatible with Django.

Python runstats Module

Python runstats Module: Collect running statistics and regression in a single pass of data.

Good Shoppr

Good Shoppr gives you a great shopping experience and donates 5% of every purchase to our featured charity.

Python wordsegment Module

Python wordsegment Module: English word segmentation based on trillion word corpus.

Mission Year

During Mission Year from 2011-2012, my wife and I moved to South Atlanta and did civic development amongst the urban poor.

Python tribool Data Type

Python tribool objects implement three-valued boolean logic where the values are True, False, and Indeterminate.