Munchkin Card Additions

This is probably the nerdiest thing I've ever done. On an upcoming Saturday, I'll be playing a game called Munchkin for hours and hours. Six of us are joining for an Epic Munchkin game. We're also allowed to create new cards for the match. That's the point of this page: a braindump of some of the creative cards I've wanted to make.

  1. Dr. Munchkin & Monster Hyde: (a door card that counts as a curse) You become a monster and attack another player. The player that loses the battle is dead. Play only on yourself against another player when they do not draw a monster card face up at the start of their turn. If this card was drawn face up on your turn, it has no effect and may be placed into your hand. Usable once only.
  2. Buyback: (a door card that counts as Other) You may discard cards totaling 1,000 gold to move a card from either discard pile into your hand. Usable by Merchant only. If you lose your Merchant class, discard this card.
  3. Uncarry: (a door card that counts as Other) Discard a card from your hand to force any player to move any carried item back to their hand. Usable by Wizard only. If you lose your Wizard class, discard this card. Usable at any time, even during combat.
  4. Mulligan: (a door card that counts as Other) Repeat combat with the last faced monster. Play only after combat with a monster on your turn. Useable once only.
  5. Beer Run: (a door card that counts as a curse) Lose your next turn! Playable at any time. Usable once only.
  6. Double-Take: (a door card that counts as Other) Draw twice as many cards face up as would normally be done. Monsters drawn in this way must be fought in a single combat. Play this card at the very start of your turn.
  7. PMS: (a monster enhancer) +20 to monster. Playable by women only on monsters in combat with at least one man. Usable once only.
  8. Double-Jeopardy: (a door card that counts as a curse) You may combat two monsters on your turn. Usable once only.
  9. Nuclear Option: (a door card that counts as a curse) Everyone dies! Playable at any time. Usable once only.
  10. Musical Chairs: (a door card that counts as a Curse) Roll the die to choose another player. You must now trade seats with the other player. Take only your hand with you when exchanging seats. Cards in play and life are exchanged between players. Each player takes their gender with them. Playable at any time, even during combat. Usable once only.
  11. Bank Account: (a treasure card that counts as an item with no value) On your turn, you may choose to store items in the Bank Account. Items stored in the Bank Account have no property but their gold and cannot be stolen or withdrawn. The Bank Account minimum balance is 200 gold. If the Bank Account is stolen, the stealing player takes with it all items in the account. At any time, items in the bank account totaling at least 800 gold may be exchanged for one life. At the end of your turn, if the minimum balance is not met, the Bank Account and all items in it are discarded.
  12. Buddy: (a monster card) Level: 3; Life: 1; Treasure: 1. You don't really want to kill Buddy, do you? +2 to run away. If you successfully run away, collect 1 treasure and put Buddy into your hand. Bad stuff: Buddy licks your face and he needs treasure to buy dog treats. Discard 1 card worth more than 100 gold and lose 1 life.
  13. Grill Grease: (a door card the counts as a monster) Level: 4; Life: 1; Treasure: 1. Bad Stuff: The harder you scrub the worse it gets. Grease is everywhere! Lose your headgear, armor, and footgear.
  14. Whirlpool: (a door card that counts as Other) Game play changes direction. Playable only at the end of your turn. (Shannon suggests having two of these.)
  15. Wings: (whatever fits in the category of armor, are those door cards?) Rather than run-away from battle, you may choose to fly-away. After rolling the die, you may choose to discard a card to roll again. This card has no effect against flying monsters.
  16. Totem: (a door card that counts as a Curse) Flip a coin. Heads: this game is real. Nothing happens. Tails: You are trapped in someone's dream. You die to escape the dream. You're dead.
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