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Prayer for the Junior Class in IVBCF in '08

Abba Father,

Let me give thanks for this junior class, praises to you for your work in their lives.

Forgive our senior class for the ways we have forgotten this class. We have overshadowed the juniors unfairly. Please, God, redeem this carelessness. In your love, would the juniors be honest with the staff. Be patient with them as they resolve their hurt and issues.

The evil one has attacked their spirits but you will continue to shield them. Answer their cries for help. Bring healing and revival. Stretch out your hand, O LORD, that they may touch you. Electrify them that they would be enthusiastic about your grace. Surely, your energy will break the juniors out of their ruts.

Continue to unite this class. Already, you heal their community. Let that work continue and build momentum. Bring together juniors in different dorms and apartments and bind them together. Join them in unity with the remaining seniors. Infuse honesty and accountability in their relationships.

I pray, LORD, you help the juniors to finish strong next year. Help them in their academics and their priorities. Make them leaders of spiritual authority. Make them servants like Christ and firm in their foundation of you.

Be with your children as they reach out to people. Bless my friends who share the Good News with their parents. We plead, God, you would reach out in international ministry. Break down language barriers. We know the Holy Spirit will transcend all matters of the heart and mind.

Jesus, you call each of the juniors by name. Intercede on each of their behalf’s. You seek them out and pursue them. You love them before they love you. You know their many talents and weaknesses. Let your strength be made perfect in their weakness.

May God be gracious to the juniors and bless them,
and make his face shine upon them,
that God’s ways may be known in practice,
the LORD’s salvation among all the campus.

May the juniors praise you, O God;
may all the juniors praise you.
May our fellowship be glad and sing for joy,
for your law is perfect
and you guide us at UCLA.

May the juniors praise you, O God;
may all the juniors praise you.
Then our campus will yield its harvest,
and Jesus, our LORD, will bless us.
God will bless us,
and all the campus will believe in God’s power.


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